EURO 2012 – An Advertisers Dream

So Spain have done it!! Was it ever really in doubt? Debatably the greatest international team ever to grace the field have clinched their 3rd successive major tournament in spectacular fashion against a brave Italian outfit. To think it wasn’t so long ago that Irish hearts longed for a draw against them on a wet and windy night in Gdansk….

Euro 2012 was more than a football tournament. It was a festival, a celebration, an opportunity for fans to collectively come together, represent their country and embrace the culture of others. With such an event comes great opportunity for business. Large marketing campaigns rolled out alongside the Euro’s with an attempt to associate brands with such a memorising and thrilling period.

Let’s paint the scene… Ireland had qualified for a major tournament for the first time since 2002. Playbacks of Italia 90 and USA 94 slowly begin to grace our screens. Radio stations start playing cringey but brilliant football classics with the country reacting by plastering their houses and cars in tri-colours. Advertisers react…..


Carlsberg officially sponsored the tournament. This sponsorship was highly evident both in Ireland and in Poland where branded fan camps and fanzone locations offered fans the opportunity to enjoy the tournament in a safe and enjoyable manner. Their outdoor campaign that ran in Ireland excellently captured the excitement, competition and passion associated with the European Championships.

The first week in May, One month prior to the tournament commencing Carlsberg release a creative teasing the Irish supporters who were pre planning, mid planning or possibly just longed to travel to Poznan. Groups of fans were scraping every last penny from credit cards, savings and credit union loans. Some fans were picking up campervans in Munich and Warsaw but those were the fans that had it “easy”. Reports of people driving, cycling and even hitching from home were coming through so Carlsberg in typical Irish humour decided to play on the events with this spectacular creative. The timing, execution and delivery of the campaign was fantastic.

Fast forward to the first week in June. Plans have been made, bank balances have taking a hit but it’s all ok because Ireland are going to the Euro’s.  A sense of optimism surrounds the country but this is probably the first time that Irish fans have stopped thinking about how they are going to get there and start thinking of what they are going to do over there (on the pitch of course)

The above creative showcases Group B which consisted of Ireland, Spain, Italy and Croatia. A sense of commitment and pride is associated with the billboard alongside the obvious willingness for their team to do well. Each character is enthralled in the game whilst colourfully representing their nation from the stands.

What happened next is history….

Ireland alongside every other nation had two representatives at the Euro’s. 1- The team 2- The fans. While one of the representatives was outclassed the other representative outclassed all others. The same commitment, humour and pride that Carlsberg eloquently conveyed in their campaigns was displayed by the Irish fans in Poland who captured the hearts of not only the country back home but also the majority of Europe with their singing, behaviour and willingness to support both their team under testing circumstances.

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